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As the only end-to-end farming solution provider in the world, AGCO delivers what farmers need to be successful. We offer industry-leading, precision-agriculture solutions that include award-winning equipment, technology and support to meet a wide range of challenges throughout the entire farming value chain. The results enable farmers to produce food more profitably and sustainably.

Our leading

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For demanding agribusinesses, Challenger® is the high-performance, reliable and intelligent machinery that provides unmatched productivity. Today, Challenger® represents proven and powerful track tractors as well as agronomically advanced crop protection and fertilizer applicators with its RoGator and TerraGator offerings in North America.

With up to 673 constant horsepower, the all new MT800 series is the next evolution of track tractor technology. Its proven Mobil-trac™ system is now paired with our Accu-VT, CVT transmission for an unmatched operating experience.

The MT743 reduces compaction and protects the soil no matter the application. Its high capacity, dedicated hydraulic system provides ample implement output for the most demanding planters, seeders, or vegetable harvesters.

The RoGator 1300C series offers ag retailers and growers next level crop protection and accuracy. Its innovative LiquidLogic™ system reduces product waste, provides a more effective cleanout and greater product consistency.

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Fendt® is the leading high-tech brand within AGCO for customers who demand nothing but the best quality from machines and services. Fendt® tractors and harvesting machines work around the globe, both on professional farms and in non-agricultural applications. Customers benefit from innovative technology to improve performance, efficiency and profitability. Using resource-friendly solutions from Fendt® helps farmers and contractors worldwide to work in a sustainable way.

As the first manufacturer worldwide Fendt® offers a self-cleaning air filter for the high horse power series Fendt® 900 and Fendt® 1000 Vario to meet the demands of farmers with dry soils in regions like Brazil or Australia. This innovation for regions prone to dust formation was awarded the Innovation Award Agritechnica 2022 in silver. Both series also come with the FendtONE® driver workplace enabling farmers to plan and execute their work more intelligent and manage data remotely.

Application and fertilization on large areas can be done with just one machine - the Fendt® Rogator 900. The body of the Fendt® Rogator 900 allows a quick change between different bodies. To extend application windows the chassis can be raised up to 193 cm (76 in) by touch of a button allowing the use during late growth periods for crops like sunflowers or corn. The Fendt® Rogator 900 won the 2021 ShowStopper Award at MAGIE as well as CropLife IRON 2021.

The Fendt® Rotana Rapid Reload System makes changing between netting and film while working fast and easy. With three spaces in a revolving system farmers can load up enough wrapping material to last through long days reducing downtime in the field and allowing for more output. The loading system is also ergonomically improved so one person can easily load and change the rollers in a few steps.

A swing hitch, a low center of gravity and a hydraulic load relief guarantee perfect ground adaption for the Fendt® Slicer 310. The Fendt® disc mower has been completely redeveloped. To increase safety during transport it offers a hydraulic folding system for the side guard as well as preparations for the installation of mirrors and cameras. A plastic impact bar improves safety prevents damages during mowing.

Grain silo

Grain & Protein is built on brands committed to helping farmers, managers and integrators nourish a growing population by preserving more of the grain they produce and optimizing conditions for healthy livestock production. It is driven by five key brands: Cimbria®, GSI®, Automated Production® (AP), Cumberland® and Tecno®. The brands drive productivity for customers globally through smart and reliable grain and protein solutions to ensure food security, sustainability and animal welfare.

GSI is marking their 50th anniversary by helping customers take control with better protection through smarter design with the introduction of the EVO 50 Grain Bin. It is stronger, better protected and faster to build than ever before. Strength is maximized at each connection and fewer bolts were needed by using an exclusive staggered pattern. Sealing washers are used outside and inside the bin virtually eliminate water getting in. And interlaced lamination ensures any water between sheets has a path to escape. The largest sized bins use innovative sidewall sheets twice the length of current sheets eliminating half of the vertical seams. EVO 50 protects what farmers work so hard to produce better than ever, and better than anyone else.

For hog producers who can’t afford downtime, the new FlexFlo XD Ultra Unloader has a 50% wider opening to minimize feed bridging and keep them up and running. The low-profile design makes it easier to clean and service. A water-tight seal prevents moisture from getting in and easy-change nylon wear plates last four times longer than previous designs. The breakthrough design has earned the product a 2022 ASABE AE50 award for engineering excellence and innovation.

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Massey Ferguson® offers a straightforward and dependable experience providing the best value for farmers around the world. Massey Ferguson® has earned the loyalty of farmers by leveraging an innate knowledge of the land, the farm, the machines, and equipment needed to get the job done. Massey Ferguson® has been a trusted partner of farmers for 175 years of innovation.

Massey Ferguson® focuses on offering comprehensive straightforward and dependable products to specifically meet the particular demands of every farmer. The MF TH telehandlers are designed to deliver new standards for ease of use, comfort and efficiency, offering lift heights up to 7.5m and lift capacity up to 4,300kg.

The new MF 6S (135-200hp) and MF 7S (155-220hp) maintain the momentum set by the impressive MF 8S Series. Delivering Massey Ferguson’s renowned straightforward and dependable operation, they can be equipped to precisely meet individual farmers’ needs. These versatile, uncompromising, tractors provide the power, performance and comfort to handle every task.

Massey Ferguson’s quest for quality doesn’t just focus on engineering excellence, but also how its equipment can enhance the value of harvested crops. New MF RB 3130F Protec Round Balers offer optimum performance with straightforward operation and, with net and film tying systems, make denser bales to reduce in-store losses and improve forage quality.

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Precision Planting® provides practical and effective precision agriculture technologies to help farmers continuously improve their operations. Precision Planting® focuses on developing smart products that improve planting, liquid application, harvest, and spraying operations on farms across the world.

Reveal is a row cleaner that removes crop residue ahead of the planter row-unit. Reveal has an internal gauge wheel that precisely controls the depth of the cleaning tines to create a consistently clean and ideal seeding environment for even emergence to occur. Mounted to the planter frame, Reveal does not cause row-unit bounce to occur like a row unit mounted attachment does.

EM FlowSense allows you to measure the rate of fertilizer you are applying on each row of your planter, to make you aware of any row-to-row variability that is occurring so that you can be confident and sustainable, applying the correct rate on each row. EM FlowSense is designed with no physical components in the liquid stream, so it works well with any grade of fertilizer–even thick products and products in suspension—because flow is measured magnetically.

Forklift in use on a field

Valtra® stands out in the industry with easy-to-use, highly customizable tractors, offering reliability, durability, versatility and high-tech smart features that have made it a pace-setting brand in Europe, South America and other regions, across a wide range of applications.

The versatile A Series 5th Generation model range includes many comfort and efficiency innovations including powershift gears, upgraded front loader armrest and an increase of 5 hp on four-cylinder engines. The increased 600-hour service interval saves costs and improves efficiency.

The Valtra® 5th Generation N and T Series tractors feature many comfort, visibility, and efficiency innovations including the A Pilar display that replaces the traditional instrument panel and places the information the driver needs at eye level. 5th Generation N and T Series cabs’ easy steering wheel adjustment and redesigned forward/reverse shuttle make switching tasks even easier.

The innovative Precision Lift and Load app enhances the productivity and safety of front loader tasks by automatically stopping the loader when predefined loader movement limits are met. Load data is also automatically recorded and can be transferred to spreadsheets. The easy-to-use shake function helps the operator ensure that no materials remain in the bucket.

In 2021 the Valtra® G135 won a prestigious IF Design Award in the vehicles category for product design. The jury praised the G135 not only for its innovative design but also its functionality.

In 2021 the Valtra® G135 Versu model was awarded the title Tractor of the Year 2021 in the Best Utility Tractor category. The advanced power lift and effective working hydraulics, integrated front loader subframe, electronic controls, high visibility hood, and 5.7 square metres of glass proved to be a winning combination.

In 2021 the Valtra® G Series received a prestigious Red Dot Award in the Red Dot: Product Design award series. The award recognises not only outstanding design but also planning and innovation.